Monday, 28 May 2012

The Lion sleeps every night.

Now, some furniture. The Lion bed. Carved in limewood with various wood stains.

Thought you might like a change from bike stuff. I'm rather proud of this and have been itching to get it on the blog. Around 8ft (2.5m) long and 5ft (1.5m) wide, weighing about 1/3 of a ton! Commissioned for a little boy of about 4 who, when standing next to it, only came up to the lion's forehead.

There are no sharp edges so it can be climbed all over without getting hurt or breaking bits off. I didn't go for a cartoon-style lion so he could grow up with it and not be embarrassed by it as he got older.Apparently he had constant streams of friends over to show it off. Well, if you've got it...... As you can see, there are hidden drawers which are opened by grabbing the tail.

There are other pieces that go with this, a chest of drawers, desk, shelves and a bedside cupboard, some of which I have no photos of. A shame as the bedside table had meercats on the front and you had to pull on one of them's nose to open the drawer. I'll show more photos of the bed and some of the other pieces soon.
This photo below will give you a sense of scale.


  1. Hi Paul, from a virtual friend of Felicity's - love your wood carving and this lion bed is just astonishing - what a joy for a little boy! I'm going to show your blog to my 'little boy', now 21, who loves wood and making stuff - it will be an inspiration!

  2. Thanks very much and I hope it gives him some ideas.

  3. Hla Paul un amigo esta muy interesado en la cama de leon y le gustaria saver si esta en venta y cual seria el precio mi e mail es

  4. Wow, this is truly beautiful, thanks for sharing!