Sunday, 13 May 2012

Valentino's leg, the ongoing saga

 One leg finished, or maybe not. I haven't veneered anything for years so I've been reacquainting myself  with the technique as I've been going along. I may come back to this if I think I could improve it or tidy it up without causing unnecessary damage.It's always the way; by the time I finish I'll have the skill to begin.!

So, onto the other leg. This is a graphic of the moon which looks hideously tricky to approach. I'm starting with the main block of colour on the face and all the features can be laid over it.

 Some wood veneers are very brittle and break or crumble when cut down to very small pieces so sometimes, as is the case with the red veneer around the side of the face, you need to put the woods that can be re cut and overlaid upon on first. The red wood will be surrounded with dark Indian Rosewood which is very brittle when it's cut into thin lines. Had I put it on first and tried to put the red veneer down the middle afterwards,I think it would crumble. Well, that's the theory I'm sticking to today, you'll know shortly if it works.
The recess has been cut for the veneer, then glued in and afterwards sanded. I use wet and dry paper sandpaper myself, graduating up to 400 grit. Any finer than that, in my experience, leaves very fine granules of dark grit lodged in the fibres which makes the wood look dirty. 

Final result. (Can ya tell what it is yit?)

By the way, I've taught myself to do this so if there is anyone reading this who's been trained to do this properly and can offer advice, don't hesitate.......

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