Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Leopard desk

Just a quick post. This is one of the accompanying pieces to the Lion bed. The desk isn't finished in these pictures. It was changed after this so that the leopards were painted and carved on the inside as well. The surface depth of the desktop was increased by around 40cm and then the drawers had the eyes and nose of a leopard carved and painted on them quite large so that it looked like a leopard was looking through a letterbox at you. Only a thin slice of the face was portrayed. I don't, unfortunately, have photos of the finished desk.

The desk lived in London initially but I believe it may have ended up in Colorado along with the Lion bed. Carved in Lime.

In the background is another piece, the chest of drawers, also part of the set. I didn't get to decide how it was illustrated or finished and felt it didn't match the rest of the furniture. It has Savannah scenes carved on the front and sides. I think it needed colour or greater depth to work alongside the bed and desk (as well as shelves with golden eagles at each end and a bedside cabinet with meercats on the front). Not one of my favourite pieces.

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