Sunday, 1 July 2012

More early works

Here are a couple more of my early pieces. The bowl was a commission. It was the first time I'd used veneers, to add a bit of interest to the surface. I'd recently been to Barcelona at the time and was inspired by Gaudi's mosaics.

The grooves around the edge were determined by following the grain of the wood. The veneers followed the grooves. This can be seen more clearly underneath.

The bowl was carved in lime wood and inlaid with various veneers, finished in walnut oil. Approximately 50cm in length.

   The backgammon board followed soon after as I'd wanted to explore veneering some more. There is a much clearer influence from Gaudi in this piece, the central divide having been taken from his chimney designs, the edges were influenced by his balconies and the mosaics again informed the way the veneers were applied.

The board was carved from a piece of Sycamore with a variety of veneers, most notably the yew inlaid in the playing surface.
 It's approximately 55cm in length and finished in Danish oil. It went to Germany. There is also a little curvy box to keep the counters and dice in. I'll post pictures of it soon.

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  1. Amazing, such a wonderful talent to have.